Friday, April 14, 2006

Big News For Big Bang!


Written by Allen Berrebbi
Thursday, 13 April 2006


“It’s true! Big Bang has left Image Comics and will be self-publishing the new issues under the name Big Bang Comics,” confirmed BB editor Gary Carlson. “We’ll be right in front of the independent publishers section of Diamond’s Previews, somewhere between Archie and Bongo Comics.

“We’ve been publishing two specials a year under various titles and even our regular fans haven’t been sure what was and wasn’t Big Bang product. This way there will be no confusion.”

“Erik Larsen and Jim Valentino are two of Big Bang’s biggest friends and fans and we appreciate all they’ve done for us,” added Big Bang co-creator Chris Ecker. “Unfortunately, the books have been breaking even financially or losing money for Image for a long time.”

This won’t be the end of Big Bang at Image, however. Erik Larsen is considering a color reprint of the 100+ page 3-part “Timebomber” story line which guest starred the Savage Dragon in issues 12, 14 and 18 of BB.

Big Bang Presents #1 features tributes to two of comic’s greatest creators, Will Eisner and Jack Cole. Protoplasman is a combination of all eras of Jack Cole’s work, from the Claw to Plastic Man through his pre-code horror and crime stories. “It’s kind of a hard-boiled humorous action series,” offered writer Carlson, “This first story is very much an homage to Cole’s Plastic Man. Artist Mort Todd has done a wonderful job! Protoplasman will be a regular visitor in the pages of Big Bang Presents.”

Big Bang’s flagship character the Knight Watchman gets the Will Eisner treatment in ‘”The Camera of Doom,” also written by Gary Carlson, who considers it one of the best Big Bang comics ever produced. “From day one I’ve wanted to mix & match the great artists’ styles with different iconic characters. I still want to see a Bob Kane Ultiman story, a Simon & Kirby Knight Watchman. This story is our guess as to what a Will Eisner Batman story might have been like. Jeff Austin did a wonderful job translating my layouts into finished art.”

Another character scheduled to make her Big Bang debut in BB Presents #1 is Miss Firecracker. Long time Big Bang and Bong artist Mike Worley is slaving over this good girl strip in the Bill Ward tradition.

Big Bang Presents #1 featuring Protoplasman and the Knight Watchman is a 32 page b&w book for $2.95. If all goes well, we’re hoping to be in color by the third issue.

On a personal note, I'd just like to say that I'm cautiously optimistic about this development. BB probably has enough readers to be a modest indy hit, but have been struggling to get noticed since 2001. Will those readers that discovered them through Image follow them? Let's hope so!


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