Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Numberious" Points

I just want to mention that I have no idea how the word "numerous" became "numberious" in the previous post, much less how I missed it for FOUR DAYS.

It's fixed now. Let's just assume the Superboy of Earth Prime punched the universe again and move on with our lives.

This reminds that I should clarify something - I don't hate 1)new comics or 2)continuity. As far as new comics go, I'm mostly ambivalent. There are plenty of good ones and bad ones, but very few that appeal to me. I'm still figuring out why that is, but I certainly don't resent them for existing or for not being exactly the way they were in 1975. Does this make me unusual among so-called "old school" fans? (Rhetorical question)

I can recommend wholeheartedly the assorted books from Big Bang Comics. Gary Carlson, Chris Ecker, and the gang have been putting out some of my favorite comics since 1994 and they could sure use your support. If reports are accurate, Protoplasman by Gary and Mort Todd should be in the next Previews. Watch for it!

As for continuity, I'm all for it as a storytelling device. Unfortunately, I feel that continuity has become a "tail wagging the dog" problem in superhero comics. If I have to choose between adhering to the letter of some obscure story and getting an intriguing new story, I know what I'm going to choose. As a recovering continuity addict, I can understand the slavish devotion to continuity, but it's something I'd rather see phased out to a certain degree.

In blogosphere news, I'd like to thank Progressive Ruin and Snap Judgments for the links to this brand new blog. Mike Sterling has become one of my favorite writers about comics and his blog was a definite inspiration to me. I don't know Carla at all (yet), but I discovered her blog recently and enjoyed her writing enough to add it to my links.

Oh, about those links. It was an incredibly arbitrary process in deciding what went there. I mostly went with sites I visit regularly or sites I think deserve more notice. There are tons of great sites out there - these are just a few of my favorites. Expect that list to change as time goes by. In fact, I'm about to do some tinkering right now.

Join me next time when I discuss an incredibly expensive hardcover book with an unintentionally hilarious cover.


Blogger Kevin Church said...

"Numberious" should totally be a word.

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